Oxendine Barnes Helps Victim Win $8.3M Verdict for Violations of His Constitutional Rights

Michael Morgan’s criminal case first broke headlines in July 2013 after he was shot and beaten on his property by three law enforcement officials from the Wake County Sheriffs Department.

Stemming from this incident, Morgan spent four months in jail as the officers claimed he attempted to assault an officer with his truck. The Wake County Sheriff’s Office ultimately filed criminal charges against Morgan and this trial began in the summer of 2015 where the jury found Morgan not guilty.

As Morgan spent time in jail immediately following the incident, which caused his business to temporarily shut down, in addition to the shooting permanently impacting his ability to work, he needed experienced attorneys to fight for him in court.

Ryan Oxendine and Jim Barnes of Oxendine Barnes & Associates, PLLC, alongside Robert Zaytoun and Matthew D. Ballew of Zaytoun Ballew & Taylor, filed the civil lawsuit in July 2016 – three years after the incident occurred. The team is proud to say justice was finally served on September 25th, 2019. On this day, Morgan was awarded an $8.3 million verdict against the three Wake County deputies who violated his civil rights.

Notably, this is believed to be the largest excessive force verdict in a civil rights case in the history of North Carolina.

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