The Raleigh dram shop lawyers at Oxendine Barnes & Associates PLLC have experience in handling high-profile serious injury and wrongful death dram shop cases. We have won verdicts and settlements in high-profile liquor liability cases in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and elsewhere across the state of North Carolina.

Drunk Driving Accidents

The vast majority of the dram shop cases stem from a drunk driving accident. In North Carolina, liquor liability cases are governed by the North Carolina General Statutes, which allows families who have lost a loved one and personal injury victims to bring lawsuits against commercial alcohol providers who may be responsible for a drunk driving accident. Hiring an experienced Raleigh dram shop lawyer as soon as possible after an accident is a good first step toward justice.

Bars and Clubs May Be Liable

Generally, the burden of proof falls upon the plaintiff to prove that at the time the alcohol was provided to the drunk driver, the individual was clearly intoxicated as such that he or she was a danger to themselves or others. Additionally, the plaintiff must prove that the over-serving of alcohol was a cause of the damages complained of by the plaintiff.  Early investigation by an experienced Raleigh dram shop lawyer who knows the liquor liability laws in North Carolina is essential to protect the victim’s rights.

Importance of Early Investigation

It is often very important that a dram shop attorney be hired as soon as possible after a drunk driving accident so that a full investigation can be instigated immediately. There are certain safe harbor defenses available to the bar or club, and it is important that the attorney for the family start an investigation soon after the accident occurs. As the condition of the over-served patron can be a big issue in the lawsuit, the earlier the investigation begins the more likely a successful conclusion. Thus, eyewitnesses can be extremely important in a typical dram shop case.

At Oxendine Barnes & Associates PLLC, our firm is experienced in handling cases against bars and clubs who have over-served a customer who later had an accident injuring themselves or others. When you or a loved one have been injured in a drunk driving accident involving serious injuries or the loss of a family member, often the drunk driver has adequate liability insurance to cover damages. The ability to bring a bar or a club to court to answer for their responsibility in over-serving the patron is sometimes the only civil justice available in many serious injury or wrongful death accidents.

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