At Oxendine Barnes & Associates PLLC, we believe in the good that law enforcement has on the communities in North Carolina. Nonetheless, when an officer abuses his or her power of authority and causes a community member bodily harm, you need a Raleigh police misconduct lawyer to fight for justice.

A police or sheriff’s department is required to protect its citizens, not put them in danger. In order to protect innocent and vulnerable citizens, police and sheriff’s departments must have systems in place that ensure their officers have the proper training and tools at their disposal to make encounters with citizens as safe as possible for themselves, the citizens they encounter and innocent bystanders. When police officers or sheriff deputies hurt or kill the very people they are sworn to serve and protect, we will demand accountability and change.

We have years of experience and extensive knowledge of how lawyers can properly handle these extremely sensitive cases. We know what it takes to bring a case like this to court, should it reach that point. Our goal is to protect victims of police brutality, negligence, civil rights violations and intentional misconduct.

The attorneys at Oxendine Barnes & Associates PLLC are proven advocates in personal injury and consumer protection law. We will be glad to speak with you regarding a possible claim.

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