When families must make the decision that a cherished parent or spouse requires assistance they can no longer provide, they place their trust in the promises of companies to provide qualified nursing staffs, medical doctors, and nursing aides and care that is superior to what the family can provide at home. One of the greatest tragedies of our society is the failure of many of these corporations to stand by their word and provide competent nursing care to our elderly and fragile loved ones.

Although the individual nurses and aids in these facilities are often well-intentioned, the corporate decision to skimp on the staffing budget, thereby leaving the facility with too few nurses for the volume of residents, causes the workers to be overworked, tired and incapable of providing the care that was promised and is necessary to preserve and maintain the health of our elders. The lawyers at Oxendine Barnes & Associates PLLC are proud of their work to raise the standards of care in these facilities and to hold them accountable when understaffing and other acts of negligence cause harm to residents.

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